CrankShaft Kits

All crankshafts are precision reground to an 8-12 micro finish.QUALITY CONTROL- Thoroughly cleaned and checked for proper straightness. Protected with a special coating for extended shelf life. Packaged in sturdy boxes, quick open and easy to handle. Filler prevents crankshafts from shifting in box to prevent damage to bearings.

REPLACED PARTS - All crankshafts equipped with Federal Mogul bearings properly mated to crankshaft size. * All crankshafts supplied with protective caps for use on connecting rod bolts during installation and to prevent damage to journals. * All crankshafts equipped with tip sheet and plastigage for proper installation. *All crankshafts packed in clearly marked box labeled with crankshaft kit number, rod and main bearing sizes.


DELIVERY- Unlimited with competitive “drop ship” rates.